Thursday, October 28, 2010

Red Scorpions... the mess

My Red Scorpions are in a scattered mess that quite frankly got out of control. Ive had some of the minis for years and started painting them before my precious adeptus battle grey. I used to have to mix black and Cold Grey to some crazy ratio to get a crappier color.The Dread will basically have to be repainted. Good thing I tend to paint in thin coats so I shouldn't lose any detail .

Hopefully this weekend I'll write up a step by step process on how I paint my Red Scorpions. Its nothing ground breaking, I just struggled for a while with the paint scheme and I imagine other people would as well.

I also tossed in a pic of the 4 wheel drive attack bike/buggy Jay and I started a long time ago. It will be finished and Red Scorpion Iconography will be added at a later date.

The Mess:

The Dread:

The Bike/Buggy:


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