Monday, April 11, 2011

Adepticon 2011 | General Coverage part 2

Part 2:

So the line for Forgeworld was insane. In typical forgeworld fashion, they were slow as molasses. I've been to a few Games Days and they were just as slow there. They sort of make up for it by having things like big massive Titans sitting out for you to look at. Theleadhead and I sat in line FOREVER, but it was nice talking to the BlueTable painting crew who had set up shop at the halfway point of the line. Overall though its a negative experience because it's like this at EVERY con they go to. Respect your customers and bring enough people to handle the demand you know is there.

  It shows just how cheap you are when you have the artist from the latest Imperial Armor book running the the cash register. Whats even worse is they only brought 100 copies of the con exclusive marine, when it was expected that 1500+ people would be at the Con. While I am glad they finally ventured out of a GW only event, they need to do it right next time. I wont stand in line for nearly 2 hours next year. It just wont happen. I'll spend my money somewhere else.

  I've been aware of BlueTable for some time and I have even considered commissioning a project from them. At the end of the day I tell myself to not be lazy since I can actually paint fairly well and move on.  The Valhalla event they are pitching is a different story...

  Its basically an "all inclusive" (travel, food and lodging) gaming  event where you play some themed set of games over several days. It's crazy expensive, but after you break it all down it's not THAT crazy. I don't want to spend too much time talking about it, but you can check it out here on their BLOG. What they were talking about at Adepticon was much more expensive, but it included airfare to the event. Its sounds decadent and over the top, but I cant seem to get the idea of it out of my head. I haven't brought it up to the better half, so I'm sure my fantasy of going will be brought to a screeching halt about 3 seconds after I tell her about it!

*Edit by better half:  Or 3 seconds after she reads it as she checks this blog for glaring grammatical and spelling errors :)

Ouch..... Shot down before it even posts. Sadface :(

Anyway. So I FINALLY get through the forge world line and they have all their newest stuff on display. The gentleman behind the counter pulls some minis out of the case to show the scale of the new Phantom Titan. As you can see, its freaking massive. In the head where the pilot sits, the faceplate will slide down over to seal up the helmet. It was a nice touch to have the helmet move like that.

Close up shot of the top half of the Titan

The Crystal brush area was amazing. The lighting they were using was great. You could see every detail and mistake on the miniatures. Sadly about half the pictures I took of the minis did not turn out. Here is what did:

You can go to the official  web page and see better pictures HERE, but I will post some of the pictures below. These are not my pictures, they are from the cool mini or not page linked above.

This is the single mini winner

Here are the some that placed from Mathieu Fontaine, my favorite French Canadian:

The level of competition was high and I cant wait until next year when the envelope gets pushed just a little bit further. There were some grumbles about the internet voting, but that was made well know well in advance and the painters knew what they were getting into. Hopefully they can swallow the sour grapes and just step it up next year.

  In the main vendor hall there were 2 of the Battle Engines on display for Warmachines upcoming expansion.

The Cygnar Battle engine to which I have not seen a name put to yet

And the Cryx Wraith Engine

 Both are very large and look like they can do some serious damage on the table. I'm glad I recently got into Warmachine so I have less time to wait for Wraith to come out! It must be killing the old school players though.

  I was hanging around the Warmachine room a lot trying to get a feel for the game and the community. They had a large battle set up that was a massive battle between Skorne and Cygnar. If it was a represented battle from the stories please fill me in. The water effects on the display were looking great, I was impressed.

All in all I had a great time chilling out in Chicago for 4 days with my good friend the leadhead, and we are already talking about what we are going to do next year. Next time around if any of you are there, we should grab a beer and a game.

Later this week, Ill be posting lots of painting projects and assembled models. I ended up making some changes to my Adeptis Rahn paintjob. I just want to have the color scheme down so I can assembly line paint the rest of my Retribution stuff. 29 points in Jacks, 2 warcasters, and a Souless. I'm still undecided on what units to pick up, but more on my undecidedness in a future post.

Thanks for reading, and a have a wonderful day.


The LeadHead said...

What's funny is the rumor I've been hearing on the Intarwebs: Adepticon had to PLEAD with Forge World to attend, as they thought it was "just a con" and not a hallowed "official" Games Day.

Apparently the receipts for the FIRST DAY of Adepticon FAR exceeded the total for ANY Games Day.

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