Thursday, March 31, 2011

Game Aides: Army Creator Mobile App

I like many others have an Android smart phone.  Gamers of all kinds can imagine many ways to use smart phones to assist us in gaming.  I know I have been looking for a mobile army list maker since I got my Android.  I have been waiting for Lone Wolf Development to port Armybuilder over to the Android or iPhone. 

Well now we have an alternative.  Army Creator Mobile by Magic Toad Software is now availible through the Android Market for $3.49 USD.  Army Creator allows for army list construction using Android menus that pulls data from XML sheets.  The menus take a little bit to learn but one you have a grasp on them it takes no time to build a force.  As you add units and options it automatically adds the points up for you.  It has two views, one is just a list of points and options the other has unit stats layed out like you would see in other builder programs.  The units can be reorganized after you've completed the list by a simple drag feature.  Lists can be exported out of the program as a .TXT file for emailing or printing.

This app can support any point based gaming system./ The author has already created a 40k file that allows creation of most current armies and has said updates are coming that will add more armies to the list.  The use of XML files means anyone can add to or create their own datafiles.  The author even has instructions on his web site to help you with this.  Now this App is still early in development there are a few bugs and the developer know about it.  In fact he is requesting anyone to email him who has an issue so he can try to address it.  He has asked that anyone that contacts him with a bug to please include all of the information that you can, it will help out a lot.

What I like:
I like how the program uses Android menus instead of trying to create it's own.  Unique menus often create issues for my device.  I like the option to add my own games or adjust the files if I find an error.  Can't beat the price and the author responded quickly to my email.  If sales pick up he might not have the time for that but it's nice while availible.

What I don't like:
The App is formatted with a black background and white text.  I'd like to see the ability to change the colors and maybe font size.  I'm not a fan of the output method, the ability to send the output to email would be nice.  Last is the force close issue, it seems minor now but when it happens and you loose all of your work it can really get you heated.

All in all I say this tool is worth the few problems that it has.  This is a great app for anyone looking for a force builder on their Android powered phone or tablet.

Link to App:

Developer's website:

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Tordeck said...

I got the lite version a couple days ago to try it out. There are still some bugs/mistakes in the army file but overall its a pretty good system. I'll probably get the full version soon.

The Inner Geek said...

Looks enticing. I too have been waiting for Lone Wolf to port AB to Android in some fashion. This might be a pretty cool little gadget once the kinks are worked out, and well worth the price!

lars4life said...

This is looking good.Makes me wish I had an android phone. I know Jay has been in contact with the app developer and hes been very cool and upfront. That's exactly the kind of person I want to own an app from. If you want to see a demo of the app live, meet up with me and theleadhead at Adepticon. Just post here if you are interested.

Logan said...

This is the developer of the app. I'd like to thank Jay for helping get the word out on this app. I did release a new version just now that should fix Jay's crash that he mentioned. As lars4life mentioned, I'm making every effort possible to respond to people who have suggestions or issues for the app. If you have any questions on it feel free to reach out to me directly. If you are at Adepticon this weekend, please hit up lars4life to get a free preview of it. If you are not there, there is a Lite version available to try out for free.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to use this app but I can't find any data files. Ideas?

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