Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some Termies are painted!

I finally got some painting in. The models are 90% painted. I basically need to paint out some of the heavier spots where the wash pooled and brighten up some colors that were dulled too much. I also see some spots I need to touch up as well. These are just supposed to be a high table top standard and not a show army as far as the painting goes

I'm rather pleased with the scribbles on the purity seals. They look kind of meh close up, but from a table top perspective they look great. I just took a .005 Micron pen and made scribbles. Its a nice effect and was quick. I think they came out to a decent table top standard. I don't think I'm winning a golden demon any time soon, but maybe after some practice I can win a tin or even copper demon.....
I am also still learning my new camera so bare with me, the pictures will get better.

Ive always wanted to do a lightning Claw equipped Termie flipping the bird, so I just broke down and did just that

This is the only shot of this guy that showed up well. I converted him to look like he was charging into battle. The termie models are about as dynamic as a cardboard box so I try to spice them up.

These next few are not really special in anyway but wanted to show em off all the same

I wanted to have a Funderhammer model with some spice. I chopped up the legs and arms to pose him crouched down in a fighting stance

Ok last but not least is Commander Cullin...... Yes I know hes Black, Blond, and has blue eyes. When I saw the mohawk all I could think of was Wesley Snipes from Demolision Man


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