Monday, December 6, 2010

Enter the Dragon

This project has been going on for years. Sadly its not because it has years worth of work put into it. Its because I am selling my Nids off and I needed to finish it up.

I basically wanted to have a flying Hive Tyrant that looked like its wings could support its own weight. I envisioned a sleeker Oriental style dragon version of a flying Hive Tyrant.... This is what came out.

Its a kit bash from the following minis:

The Red Terror for the lower body
Balrog Wings
Carnifex Head & Carnifex Back plate
3rd Edition Hive Tyrant Upper torso
Various Nidzilla bitz
and lastly a lifetime supply of green stuff

It was daunting using green stuff again for the first time in 2-3 years but it turned out ok I think but you be the judge. I basically filled in all the gaps and make the shoulder pad plates bigger. I wanted to make a whole mess of cored musculature

I did larger cords for the neck

Smaller cords here between the wings and the back plate

And on the belly attached to the wings

I then had to enlarge the back chitin on the red terror body, and almost completely make up the top plate

Top down of the backplate

A side view of the musculature and the back plates

I was originally going to try and fold the wings up, but it was too much work on an already large project.

None of these kits lined up well together, so I had to come up with a lot of green stuff for filler.

I went with 2 twin linked Devourerers because that's how I ran my Flyrant,

The Shoulder pads were nothing to brag about, but I needed something to fill all the massive gaps

This is go give you an idea of the full wingspan.

This was taken years ago, but it provides scale for this beast.

I had to go with the big tongue fex face. The better to taste the tears of its victims.
or something like that....

Let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading and following.
I hear every time you refer a friend to my blog, an angel gets it wings!


Ben said...

"This project has been going on for years."

So you work on this model like you update this blog?

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