Monday, April 4, 2011

Adepticon 2011 | Privateer imPRESSed

  So I Got back late Sunday night enjoying myself at Adepticon with theleadhead. I went to enjoy all the 40K events and wanted to try some other games. I was however BLOWN away by the Privateer Press showing. First off In my swag bag there was a Protectorate of Menoth box set. That's not a cheap swag bag item, and that by itself would have gone a long way to winning people over.

  They didn't stop there though. The had several demo tables set up with some very cool Press Gangers, that didn't mind showing you the ropes. In talking with them, they convinced me to run over to the tourney room they were using.

I had a painting class with Mathieu Fontaine, before I stopped over to the Privateer room. Mathieu class was nothing short of amazing. Learning from such a talented painter will go a long way towards helping me paint better. In his class we ended up trading box sets and I picked up what I really wanted. The Cryx!!! So I go into the Privateer Press room and they give me everything I needed to put my box set together. I mean everything...

They lent me: Glue, Cutters, Pin Vice, Pinning material, Hobby Knife. and glue. It was sweet, and a great way to talk to other people putting there box sets together. The players in the tourney and the  Press Gangers were very nice and helpful as I was putting my minions.. I mean mini's together.  Theleadhead and I got our sets together and played the battlebox event and had a good time. We had a  Press Ganger helping us the whole time and kept the game running smoothly. After it was all said and done I won a Prime Mark 2 rule book.

On top of that I got a pair of Privateer Press dice and a tape measure. Fanfreakingtastic!!! I was sold before the rulebook, dice, and tape measure, but icing on that sweet cake was more than welcome.

I will say this to everyone who reads this Blog and hasn't given them a chance. There is nothing like the Community I saw at Apepticon playing Warmachine and Hordes. I have yet to see the amount of free stuff tossed at me by any single manufacture in my 17 years of gaming. So Warmahordes.... you have won me over, please be gentle! So I shout it from my mountaintop:

Privateer Press is awesome

So later this week I'll post more about my Adepticon trip, other than my new Bromance with 6 ton steamjacks!


The Inner Geek said...

I've dabbled in the WarMachine game before. I had a similar experience community-wise. The local WM guys were all friendly and made it an enjoyable game.

DarkLegacy said...

Download iBodger for your Android phone as well, it allows you to build Warmachine and Hordes lists and save them!

lars4life said...

I'll have to check it out and see if I cant get a review up for it as well.

akaranseth said...

I'm glad you liked the class. Furthermore thanks for the Protectorate!

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