Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adepticon 2011 | General Coverage part 1

 Ok so moving forward past my new bromance here is some general coverage from Apdepticon 2011. Theleadhead and I arrived Thursday well before our first Class with Mathieu Fontaine. I said it previously and I'll say it again, he is awesome. I'll be showing off my new painting skills here shortly and it's thanks to Mathieu's teaching. If you want to learn more about him, his blog is located HERE.

The Crystal Brush event brought mini painters out of the wood works and  the competition level was high. I'll talk about that more in Part 2 and post some pictures of what jumped out at me from the case.

So, I am sure by now you have heard about how sweet the swag bag was. Well, you can see for your self:
The stuff is screaming to get free and into my hands!

 This is the contents once freed from the confines of its plastic prison.

Here is the breakdown:
Protectorate of Menoth battle group from Privateer Press (much love)
A bag of various sized Magnets from Amazing Magnets
Warlord Crom and an Adepticon 2011 coin/pog from Gale Force 9
A bag bits from Spikey Bits (I got an assault cannon that will not go to waste)
A Sci Fi Mini from Full Borer Miniatures
A muzzle Flash cinematic effect from Armorcast
2 Undead Ghouls on sprues from Mantic games
A copy ofGame Force Magazine
A Black Library Bookmark\
A snack pack of Oreo's
An Adepticon branded luggage/game bag address card.
And a bunch of ads for other cons, demos, and gaming stuff

For the money I paid to pre-order the weekend pass, I was very VERY impressed by my swag bag. If I end up using any of this stuff, I'll make sure to give an additional shout out to the donating companies. Thanks to everyone else I may have omitted who made my swag bag most excellent.

Opposing Forces had an amazing Battle for Terra battle table set up in the main room with the vendors and the 40k tables. It was scattered with hundreds of amazingly painted models, arranged in a massive battle.  Click on the link above to see some great close ups and more pics by the OP crew

 The large, arms crossed gentleman in the back was the touch police. I had a friendly chat with him about all the time and effort the OP crew put into making this table. He was very nice and helpful, then again I didn't try and touch anything...

 Here is the Chaos Titan with many minions underfoot

 Its not a real chaos party until the Daemons show up!

The Imperial side with a Titan as well.

I wish I would have taken some close up shots, but each of the Imperial Fist Termies were customized and personalized to really add the whole bad arseness of the table.

I had a blast running around with 1500+ other hobbyist demoing games, playing games, and just chatting about the hobby in general. I got to swap painting tips and tricks with some friendly people who I hope to see again next year. I'll put up part 2 on Monday with the rest of my pictures and thoughts. Until then, enjoy theleadheads more in depth recounting of our Adepticon adventures HERE


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