Saturday, April 28, 2012

WIP: Magnetizing my Warpwolf kit

WIP: Magnetizing my Warpwolf kit. So far I have it ready to be a feral, stalker, pureblood and in progress a Ghetorix. I have 2 whole kits, which lets me have enough parts to do all the arms / hands /head variants. Will also give me the 2 arms extra I need to make the Ghetorix. Expand for more pics.

 Lots of green stuff down the neck to keep the Magnets in place. With one in each arm socket and 2 stacked for the heads I didn't want them to pull each other loose.

Left Arm socket.

 Roght arm socket

With 2 stacked in the body and 2 stacked on the head of Ghetorix, the bond will be strong enough o hold the head. I wanted to leave a slight gap between the sets of magnets, so I would have to work too hard to pull the head out. It took a bit of playing around but I found the sweet spot between ease of removal and a strong bond.  Will surround the magnets on the head to keep them in place.

Just used bits of nails in the plastic heads and arms and they stay just fine. I am sure I will need to put Magnets in the arms for Ghetorix though. Will play with that more this weekend.

 I will put up a more in depth how too, once I am finished. I may have to change things up along the way.


David Brawley said...

Did you ever finish this project? I'm just about to do the same thing!

lars4life said...

Yeah actually its been done a long time. I'll snap some pics and put it up tomorrow morning.

David Brawley said...

Awesome! Thanks!

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