Friday, June 8, 2012

Origins 2012: After Action report

I had a pretty good time at Origins 2012. I was slightly under the weather and that prevented me from doing everything I wanted. I ended up not being able to make the Felicia Day Questions and answers, but I did make it to the Wil Wheaton one. Wil is a funny guy and I am glad hes got things to do that he enjoys.

On of the things that I love the most about Origins is I can bring the whole family and everyone can have a good time. There are so many games and events you have to plan out your days to some extent or you will be lost.

Last year I had the kids in my lap when I did a few missions in the Battletech: Firestorm pods. This year the 7 year old wanted to Pilot it on his own. The graphics are not that great, but the experience is worth it. If you ever see these pods somewhere run at least one mission. Battletech was my first Table top Miniatures game so it holds a special place in my heart. It is also why later I went on to tutor math...

Reaper Miniatures had a paint and take going, and I sat down with the "Budget Authority" and Gabe to paint some stuff. Here is the undead elemental thingy I painted up in like 30 minutes. If anything it was a free 50mm base, but I think I will use it for an objective or something along those lines.

I thought the Docor Who exibit was a great way to sell some swag to fans. I have yet to watch the series, but it is in my list of things to do. I saw lots of pictures being taken next to the Dalek and the Tardis

Wil Wheaton getting his game on at the Mayfair games area. I actually wouldn't have noticed him except for the Kings Jersey.

Found a Nidalee Cosplayer and had to snap a shot. League of Legends is a good time killer for me. I asked her for her spear (so I could break it) but she figured out my plan :-p

Pizza Theory was my favorite new (new to me anyway) game I played this year. If you get a chance, try it out. The rules are simple,and it has a good mix of strategy and luck in the gameplay

Here is some of the stuff from Tectonic Craft Studios. They recently did a successful kickstarter, and the stuff looks great. Remember this is just a small groups of guys so give them some money! I plan on doing an interview with them in a few month, but I did get to speak with them at the Con. They were a pleasure to speak to and have a great attitude.

I will be going again next year, hopefully I will not be sick then!


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