Thursday, September 23, 2010


So this Blog all started because my friend over at The Leadhead Blog made a cool blog and I have been wanting to make one ever since. This after noon I was putting together some assault termies and my 4 year old son was asking me questions about what EVERYTHING was. So as I am answering him and he is soaking in all that daddy is telling him. My son then gives me the inspirato for my blog title with this oh so cute line "Daaaddy, are you gonna give this guy a FUNderhammer?".  Sadly I tried to get him to repeat it on camera, but he wold not. So this is my Blog. My first project will be creating a funderhammer. What a funderhammer is, will have to be determined. more to follow soon


Ben said...

You don't know what a funderhammer is?


No wonder your wife left you.

lars4life said...

Yeah I dont know if its a thunder hammer with ballons or clown face instead of a hammer head..

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