Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project list

Ok things that I will be working on and logging on this blog:

Red Scorpions Army- I have been collecting enough resin kits from forge world to where I can finally churn out like 2,000+ points of Red scorpions. I have done a couple of fun conversions with my terminators and will be logging my paint job of said terminator squad. After that will be my Land raider crusader conversion. The concept will be the centerpiece of my army. What I have so far:
Red Scorpions land raider doors
Land Raider crusader kit
Red Scorpion Brass etchings
Red Scorpion Icons
Celestine the living saint model that I intend to incorporate into some masthead or statue on the tank.
Should be a massive conversion that will be an eye catching model by the time I'm done.

Flying Hive Tyrant. I have been working on a kit bash flying hive tyrant for some time and want to finish that up on this Blog. I had been logging my progress on warseer, but will finish it here.
Some WIP Pics:


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