Saturday, September 25, 2010

Project: Funderhammer

So I have decided to reach out to the40k community to get some great ideas for what they envision a FUNderhammer would look like (and shamelessly promote my BLOG) So if your here from my post on warseer, then I'll feature your ideas and Photos here as well.

One suggestion from warseer was to to make a neon foam bat. While the thought of a giant termie charging into battle with a foam bat is FUN.... its not a hammer. Though if I take the idea and just tweak it. I could have him wielding a nerf hammer. I'm sure I could texture up some green stuff to make that work.

Another suggestion was this:

This above would be an easy conversion since I could just remove the normal heads of the thunder hammer and replace them with the squeaky heads.

This one is pretty good too:
"Why not a smiley on the face of the hammer to leave an impression on anything it hits...."

This idea was good enough, that I can incorporate it into my Normal Red scorpion Termies and not have them look out of place. I should be painting my termies this weekend and I'll put up a pic!

Another good one
"Boxing glove on a spring jumping out from the top.... "
I could model that easy enough, could be fun too.


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