Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nerdy. Boy. Swag. | Happy Holidays!

 Well last Saturday was my Birthday, so I scored some new 40K minis to feed my addiction. I picked up Urien Rakarth, 1 Boxes of Reavers (making a total of 2), a Box of Warriors, and a Box of Harlequins for my budding Dark Eldar army. My better half also purchased a set of 6 colored Pigma pens and an Ottlite lamp for me as well. I'll be doing a review of the Ottlite in the near future (since its still sitting in the box...)


I have been using the 005 (.20MM) Pigma black pen to do the scribbles on my purity seals for my Red Scorpions. I have had great results with no smearing. I liked using these pens so much that I kicked around grabbing the other colors to do runes and line work. My better half knew I wanted them and picked up a 6 pack for me. The 6 pack includes: black, blue, red, green, purple, & brown. I'll probably end up using the different colors more on the Dark Eldar, but ill find a way to try em out on the Red Scorpions.

I haven't worked with any other brands but there are several out there. If anyone has any experience with using them, let me know.

My birthday purchase brought me up to 6 Reavers, so I have one fast attack choice knocked out. I have an exciting cross promotional conversion project for these guys. It includes 2 Authors on this blog (Jay Hammons and myself) and the leadhead. The fluff for these guys says that each bike is customized out to be unique to gain advantage over thier competition. I figured there was no better way to show that than having several people involved with the conversion work.

 I have warriors and Kalabite Trueborn in most of the lists Ive been kicking around so I know I need at least 1 Box of these guys. It will probably end up owning 2-3 total


I want to do a Haemonculi themed alternate list and I think having Urien  leading the way with supercharged murder crazed Grotesques sounds fun. The bonus is the model is awesome looking and I really look forward to painting it.

 My better half loved the idea of the Harlequins and the way the models looked, turns out so do I. With this in mind it was an easy choice to include them in my army. It will take some conversion work to have them WYSIWYG and armed with Harlequin's kiss.

I also need to pick up a Shadowseer to go along with them, but my FLGS didn't have any on hand.


 The Holidays have been busy for me so I still haven't make any progress on my Red Scorpions. I may be able to squeeze in the Ottlite review or finish my Razorbacks before the new year, but no promises. I will have more time once the new year and a flurry of new posts will shortly follow.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!!


Sadie said...

She also likes Scourge guys and wishes there was a book just about one of them or them as a group....are there any?

GDMNW said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations on your recent acquisitions!

It's always such a good feeling when an army starts to grow and take shape.

I too use the micron pens from time to time. They can also be great for blacklining in awkwards areas where you want a consistent line. Between fingers is a good example. The fact that it's a pen makes it easy to draw on the shadow lines, even if there is no detail to follow on the model itself.

Are you going to post some WIP shots or just the end results of this stuff coming together?

lars4life said...


Thanks for the tips for using the pens, I'll put them to good use.

With the Razorbacks I was just planning on posting the end results. I detail out my painting process on the How to Paint Red Scorpions article. The Razorbacks are the same thing on a larger scale.

All of my units that involve conversions will have WIP shots.

I do this Blog to share my love for the hobby with my readers. With that being said, any requests you (or anyone else reading this) want to make will be considered. You can post them publicly or just email me directly. I already have had a few request so far, and all of them will be something I end up using.

Shadowvast said...

FOr the DE use those pens to do the Kabal sigils on the sails and if you plan on doing a hardline highlight like the Heavy Metal team then they work well for that as well. I have used these myself and I have to say be careful what clear you put on the models. I have had a few ruined by the clear top coat making them run.

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