Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project List 2011

Its a new year and I am itching to finish up some of my ongoing projects and start up some new ones. I figured I'll go ahead and list them all out for all to see. If you would like to see project get done before others, please comment and let me know. I will say priority goes to projects in progress, since I don't have the workspace to allow for it.

So here it is:

Red Scorpions:

1) Finish painting my 2 Razorbacks
2) Convert, assemble, and paint my Land Raider
3) Assemble and Paint my veteran assault squad
4) Paint my remaining Termies, Tactical, and scout squads
5) I want to make a customer Red Scorpion Dreadnought that looks like a scorpion. 

Honestly I am about half done with all the painting for all my squads I just need to knock the rest of it out. The Land Raider will have lots of customization like magnetized sponsons that are relocated to the front and the extra armor represented. The heavy bolter and the meltagun will be magnetized as well. The goal is to be able to do any of the 3 main variants in one model and have it not look just like every other Land Raider.

The Dreadnought will look like a scorpion, but obviously of a Space Marine influence. I have it all mapped out in my head, just not on any test drawings or mock ups.


1) Keep selling these off on eBay. I have most of my old army gone, just need to get the rest into lots and seel em

2) I think ill convert my fexes and warriors into some of the units in the new nid codex that do not have models. But it just depends on whats selling or not.

Dark Eldar

1) Collect Dark Eldar
2) ???
3) Profit
Ok OK Ok Seriously

1) I intend to do a non themed and a Haemonculi themed Army. I have the lists built, but nothing is final till I do some proxy play testing. I'll post my battle reports and the lists when I get to that point. The whole DE is in limbo until I get my Scorpions done.

2)   Wait for the next wave of Models to be released and see whats left for me to convert. My goal is to have a lot of wracks. I don't want to convert 20-30+ Wracks so I hope GW will release them soon.

3) Grotesque's are described as unwilling subjects, so I want to have other races represented. I only have 4 in any of my lists so they will all be conversions. Here is what I am thinking:

a) Squat - nothing will be more awesome then a hulked out HUGE dwarf... it was a great suggestion from good friend of mine. There is no reason that the DE couldn't have snagged some squats before the nids ate them. I think I'll take an ogre kingdoms mini, shorten it up the arms and legs, add some Dwarfy features, and add the Grotesque features.

b) Ratling - This is almost cheating, but I'll just convert a rat ogre model to look the part.

c) Tau Female-  This was already described in the DE codex (the sex was not specified), but I think it would be fun to do. This will be the most difficult of the group since it will require the most scratch building. Unless someone can suggest a mini that is both Large and has some Tau features as well.

d) Undecided -Torn between a Space Wolf Wulfen or an Orc. I have some confrontation Wolfen models laying around that I can convert and there are plenty of Orc models to choose from. If you folsk out there lean one way or another let me know. I am also open to suggestions beyond what is listed, but keep in mind I am not a professional level  sculptor or artist. I will need either an existing model to work with or lots of example art.

There are various other projects in the works, but nothing I feel comfortable listing out.


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