Monday, February 21, 2011

It has begun!

 I have been wanting to get into Warmachine for a while now, but have resisted. Today I have bit and I put in an order for Warcaster Adeptis Rahn. As someone who enjoyes painting, I have been wanting to paint some Privateer Press stuff for some time.

I chose the Retribution of Scyrah because I liked they way the play style is described from various sources and I like they way the figures look. I will need to do some

playing and some more research before I purchase any more models. I will proxy some stuff and figure it all out so I only buy what I need. This will keep my wallet and more importantly my better half happy.

Here is Adeptis Rahn with the stock paint job from the Privateer Press website. I cant wait to get my hands on this guy! I think i will end up painting fairly close to this color scheme, but with some adjustments to my style.

This week I will be on first shift, so I will get some more painting done. I am hoping to get about 3-4 half  painted projects finished this week.


The LeadHead said...

Great, now I have to start buying WarmaHordes... I'm leaning towards Menoth or Cyhnar, but it might depend on what deals the FLGS has as it winds down...

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