Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Red Scorpions Battle Report

Played against theleadhead this Saturday. It was a fun game that ended in a draw. I forgot my Camera (again) and so did theleadhead (again). So you will have to settle for some blurry low res pics from our cellphones. You can see Commander Culln (a space marine captain in the game) Surrounded by some smurfs and a chaplain. I was playing generic Marines so I could get used to 5th ed rules while showing theleadhead and another friend how to play. We played a capture and control mission with a pitched battle Deployment.

I brought the following:
2 Razorbacks /w TL Heavy Bolters
2 ten man tactile squads /w Lascannon
1 Terminator Squad /w assault cannon
1 Terminator Captain /w power sword, Storm Bolter. Iron Halo
1 Venerable Dread /w assault cannon and a dreadnought CCW

theleadhead brought:
2 ten man tactical squads /w missle launchers and flamers
1 Chaplain in power armor
1 Power Armor Captain with a power weapon and bolter
1 Vindicator
5 man Termie Squad
1 Dreadnaugh /w Multimelta and a dreadnought CCW

This was our deployment. The Orange markers were the objectives. I wont discuss the battle turn by turn since I didn't take notes due to the camera situation.

We were trading shots on this side for a couple of rounds which ended up with 3 of his termies dead and I lost a few tac marines. My razorback and dread survived several shots from missles, powerfists, and multimelts. It was really lucky on my part.

I lost 3 Termies from one volley from the vindicator.
Hilariously later in the game all that is left from the termie squad is the assault cannon and he shrugs off 20+ rapid fire bolter shots and a vindicator shot. He then fires at the tank on the way into to charge in, and blows it up with his fists! His victory is squelched by theleadheads tac squad and commander. The valiant death is pictured (in very blurry "detail") below

Here my Razorback is just shaken by the Tac squad lead by a chaplain. I drive away and charge in with just my commander.

Here my Captain kills the Chaplain and a few smurfs before my tactical squad charges in and saves him. I hung on with just one wounds left. In the end it was the Initiative 5 that let my brash charge be a success. I was able to kill the Chaplain before he could land a second set of Crozius hits on me, which is the only reason My gamble worked.

I wont tell all the fun parts as I know theleadhead is also doing a battle report at the same time, so head over to his blog and see what he has to share!


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