Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painting: Adeptis Rahn

After trying the  studio white paint job, failing horribly at painting white, stripping the model and starting over. I finished up painting my first Warmachine model.

I found some inspiration for an alternate theme via Doc Kog at the Privateer Press forums. His clubs blog is located  HERE.

 My better half saw the below photo out of many and she liked it. That pretty much sealed the deal.

The Stock paint job was a mess, turns out making white look good on a large scale is much harder than on a small scale. I now know why so many people hate it. To the right is the scheme that I settled on.  I like the way it looks and it was really easy to work with. This is Doc Kog's work and it looks nice.

Here is my attempt at the stock paint job. This is the point right before washes and highlights and it just looked terrible. So he got a simple green bath and was reset to the bare metal. I also took the opportunity to repose him slightly.

This is the new paint scheme with 90% of the work done. I am much happier with this look, and I am certain it will scale up better on the larger Myrmidons. Which was my major concern with the all white paint job. Even the P3 teams paint jobs on the Myrmidons were very bland on the large area's of white.

Below is Rahn at the 95% Mark. I mounted him on a resin base and painted it up. I am probably switching the staff blades to a more metal look instead of a glowy green. I am also debating doing the gemstone technique on all the gems or not. I have been practicing it and almost have it ready for prime time. The problem is there are 35-40 gems on this model most of which are very tiny. I don't think I have it in me. It still isn't sealed so any suggestions will be considered.


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