Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gone Sable

I got  my Dick Blick order in. I have 2 Raphael 8404 Kolinski red sable hair brushes. Size 0 & 1 to be specific.  To keep my new toys clean I also picked up some of "The Masters" brush cleaner as suggested by my good buddie theleadhead. So I'll finally get to see if all the hype regarding the sable brushes is true. So since my brushes come to me via a fallen unwilling contributor, I will give a small ode to the weasel:

Who knew something so cute could be be both a ferocious predator and have the fur painters crave for their brushes. So my cute friend the circle is complete. You hunt the rat, we hunt you, and I paint miniatures...

Ok so not really a circle at all, but it sounds more dramatic that way. On a side note, I don't think ill be licking my brushes or shaping the tips with my mouth. I mean, they make the brushes with the tail hairs...

Anyway, little Siberian weasel I thank you. I will venerate your sacrifice with each loving stroke and every enemy I smite with my awesomely painted army!

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