Friday, April 22, 2011

Adeptis Rahn 95% finished

So ended up putting some serious work into Rahn fleshing out his paint scheme. It was a test bed for me to practice some advanced painting techniques and really set the stage for the rest of the force. In both of those regards I think I succeeded. There are still mistakes on the model, but I'm just trying to push the upper limits of "tabletop" quality so i wont go back and fix the little stuff.

Kaelyssa is coming along nicely and am still working out the kinks of the new painting style.

I ended up adding some more shading to Rahns armor with brown wash, which really brought things into focus. My glazing ended up muddying up the shading too much and it needed to be fixed.  I had some friendly people on the Privateer Press forums point it out to me. Anyway below are some more pics.

The basing materiel is from the Army Painter line and the Ivy is awesome. It takes very little effort and looks great on the base.

I really liked how the metal gemstone/node turned out on his left hand.

Again there is more wash added between the armor plates and between the fingers and the finger joints. I'll have pics up Monday of the finished model and some WIP shots of  Kaelyssa  at the least. I may have pics of the whole army in progress.

This is the same picture from up top but larger.  I'm glad I decided to man up and paint all the nodes and not leave them the color of the armor.

All in all, this is the best miniature I have ever painted. I hope to take the lessons learned on this model and make Kaelyssa look that much better. I'll need the technique down pat. because the Myrmidons for the Retribution have large curvy areas with little to no detail on them. It will take some work to make them not look terrible.

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Oh and wish me luck on Saturday I'm gonna get some games in after I get done with the food pantry.


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