Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Painting: Kaelyssa Finished and some WIP Griffon shots

Kaelyssa is done! Based, sealed, and ready to KILL ALL HUMANS!

In this post I also have some shots of my Griffon; sadly it's gonna get stripped. The Greenstuff work is rough, I found some mold lines, and I am not happy with how the wash settled in some places. I did some of the work on him under the comfort of something southern. Too much comfort in fact.

Anyway, below are the pics.

I don't have a light box so I took some shots under a natural light bulb directly overhead which washed out highlights and some with flash. The flash shows the highlights but they are over exaggerated. Hopefully between the 2 extremes you can get an idea of how this model looks. A light box is in my future so I can avoid this stuff. 

<Forced insert from the editor, ie the better half>
I love to spend money but for some reason even though my better half keeps telling me to "get a friggin' light box," (because she is tired of hearing the moaning and groaning about how bad the lighting is, it washed this out, you can't see the detail now, grrrr, ahhh, whine, sob, etc.) I keep stalling on getting a light box.  Not really sure why, other than maybe I like doing all the moaning and groaning.  :) <End forced insert>


You can make out the hair a little in this shot. It's a build up of 5 layers, from a dark green all the way up to a very bright one. I had planned on tossing in some yellows but liked the greens and didn't want to mess it up.

The brown leather pieces turned out excellent (you can really see it on the next picture, especially if you click to make it all big and stuff). It's a brown base with a light drybrush, then a brown wash, and then a watered down black wash. It's a simple and effective leather technique.

Here is a better angle to see the leather. 

The next three shots are me trying to show off the cloak. It blends better IRL, and I was having trouble getting the dirty brown on the bottom of the cloak show up in the pics. This is a flash pic so the edges look EXTREME!

No overhead light or flash.

 Overhead light.

All in all I am pleased with how she turned out and will use her as a building block for my Mage Hunter Assassins with all their leather and cloaks. My Soulless is almost done and I'll put some pics of him, and my Griffon, when they're done.

Speaking of which, here is the Griffon:


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