Monday, June 13, 2011

Early Fathers day gift! A lightbox.

As it turns out my better half was sick and tired of me complaining about my lack of a light box.  So she did what any awesome better half does (I mean duh shes not the worse half), she made me one!

I am pretty stoked about it, so I retook some pictures of Adeptis Rahn and Kaelyssa to see the before and after pics.

The results are below for your viewing pleasure.

Rahn and Kae here together. I dont have a comparison picture of these 2 but wanted to show them off together.

The difference with the Kaelyssa pictures below is huge to me. The lightbox really lets you see my Shading and highlights. The non lightbox pic are very washed out.


No Lightbox


No Lightbox:

Below are 2 supersized pictures of Adeptis Rahn in the new lightbox. Didn't post any comparison pics. I was very happy with how his face turned out and now I have some pics that I think do that face some justice!

So basically if you take pictures of your minis and dont have a light box.... Get one (or moan about it until someone gets one for you...)


DarkLegacy said...

Did she follow a tutorial? About how long did it take her? What kind of lights did you use?

lars4life said...

She did it all in one evening while I was gone doing nerd stuffs. I am using 2 Ottlite bulbs (one overhead and one to the right. The article says use any full spectrum bulb.

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