Sunday, August 28, 2011

Its been a long time.

I have been pretty bad about posting lately. This is due to me not having the time to get any miniature stuff done. Whats sucks, is I have been up to A LOT. Just not anything within the scope of my blog.  So today I fixed the problem. The scope of funderhammer will now grow to include all my nerdy habits. So now I'll talk about my video games, miniatures, role playing, insert anything else nerdy I love. With this in mind I will have much more to talk about. Look for more updates as I am downloading Dues Ex: Human Revolution and about to dig into that.

Also in the works is me gearing up for BF3 and getting some folks together to form a clan and host our own server. More about that as we solidify some things.

I have been more than addicted to League of Legends and getting fairly good at it. Its so fun my son and my better half love it too. If you haven't tried it out, its a free 2 play game so its worth at least looking at. Click HERE to give me credit for your referral.

I have also been playing a lot of BF2BC2, hit me up anytime. Lars4life is my ID.

Sorry for the long break but I think I have the problems resolved. The table top gaming posts will be picking up starting next Thursday and Theleadhead and I will have more time to game.


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