Monday, April 16, 2012

Mathieu Fontaine is a cool guy

Quick Update on something theleadhead told me about while we were painting on Sunday. The full story is on Mathieu's blog linked below, but basically he kicks arse. He got tied up in US immigration for flying to the US to teach some classes for Adepticon. There was not enough time to make the changes to his visa/passport to get paid for Adepticon.
Instead of canceling all his classes, he chose to donate all the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders so he could still come and teach his classes. I have taken his classes and they are great. Those of you taking them this year will have the added benefit of supporting a great charity as well as learning from on of the best. Here is his Blog entry:

I don't know about you guys, but theleadhead and I already agreed were gonna hook him up with some food and drink on our dime. Hes giving up a lot of his own time and money to be there, so show him some much deserved love!


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