Friday, April 13, 2012

Road to Adepticon Part Deux

Well I am all kind of excited gearing up for Adepticon. I am assembling and painting models like crazy. This is all much to the chagrin to the "Budget Authority" as I am taking up the entire kitchen table to do this. The boys are with nanna, so I am getting away with it (for now). I was able to get listed on the Adepticon website again as a covering blog, which is very cool.


My budget and experience is larger this year, so I plan on having more fun and cover more events. I have a few interviews planned out, and I am working on a few others to pan out. Again I ask if there is someone or something you think deserves attention that hasn't got it in the past. I will be hanging out with theleadhead a bunch so look for us on blog row, Iron Arena, or out and about. I will work on something so I am identifiable from the sea of other nerds.

What is everyone looking forward to the most this year?


DarkLegacy said...

I'm excited to see the new Privateer Press diorama and all the really neat armies for all the game systems that people bring.

lars4life said...

Me too honestly. I will be snapping a ton of pics this year. Bringing the laptop so I can process them onsite and post em up.

JayHammons said...

I'll be experiencing it vicariously through you so, more pics the better. Have fun!!

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