Monday, November 15, 2010

Tanks and Vet. Assualt Squads in progress

This is just a Quick Update. I have 2 Razorbacks mostly ready to paint. All that I have left is some file work and some gap filling. I have 2 of my veteran assault squad models put together and my oh my are they some good looking models. I was kinda on the fence when I bought em, but seeing them together has reassured me it was worth the Price tag.

Here is my Razorback with the Forge world Turret.

The door symbol is part of the Red Scorpions Icons pack. Most of them have a worn cracked look

 Here is the door on the other Razorback

The Icons pack also came with some vehicle sized purity seals that look pretty good.

 Both Turrets side by side

Both Tanks Side by side

The Vet Assault squad Models:

 Here is the Forge World Jump pack from the rear

These will be fun to paint, with all the details

Here is the shot form the...................Dang it! I have to fill in that little hole.......... Front where you can see all the level of detail they added to the chest.

This entire Culln models is resin except for the arms. The model is so detailed I considered using it for some other character with artificer armor.
In the end I kept him a Sergent and shaved off his Mohawk. I didn't want him to look like Culln all grown up leading the Chapter. The power fist I did some hacking and filing to make it look better. Its still a little rough

Just some more shots of Culln

And the last one.

I am in Assemble mode right now so I probably wont be doing any painting this week.  For a laughs I was wondering if I practiced it enough, would I be able to free hand some scorpions (its an idea I have for my land raider) I'm gonna keep trying for a while, and see if I can pull off whats in my head. I might have to find a stencil if anything. I don't draw well (the pic will show you want I mean) but a few years ago I would have said the same thing about sculpting Green Stuff and painting...... So I am gonna remain hopeful enough web tutoring will help me improve.

On the right of the paper was my first attempt with no reference materiel.. Epic fail. As we move left it starts to improve slightly so I have some hope.
The idea is to paint murals of scorpions on the sides of the raider. They don't have to be works of art, but they will need to be much better than what I am scrawling on paper right now. I hope by posting this pic I will shame myself into doing better. Feel free to laugh at (or offer help) me in the comments. No really, its ok.


The LeadHead said...

Dangit, I had just talked myself OUT of buying some doors & turrets with my next Forge World order - now I HAVE to get some. Those look awesome.

Remind me to bring you a sheet of frisket - you can try cutting some stencils and maybe we can do the scorpions with the airbrush.

Mighty said...

Wow that Razorback looks sweet man! I really like the brass plate makes me wanna by one for my rhino lol.

lars4life said...

Thanks, its always nice to get compliments.

The Leadhead:
Airbrushed murals sound great. With your tools and my mooching of your tools combined there is nothing we cant do!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had ponied up for the MkIV armour and Assault marines with my guys... I just bought a bunch of shoulder pads but those resin kits look great, very jealous!!

What happened with that lighter grey razorback? Looks like a glue explosion all over the front, is it salvageable? Love that turret though, once again jealous! The FW stuff is so nice.

Keep up the good work, always love seeing other RS armies.


lars4life said...

The glue explosion was in fact me using a ton of testers glue in an attempt fill gaps without mixing up some green stuff. It was an old rhino kit that got warped very badly in storage. It took some careful bending to get it to even fit right.

Ill clean up all the mess with some files, so it should be fine. In the end I'm still gonna have to use green stuff on some gaps. So I just made more work for myself...

Thanks for the comments and I love the battle damage on your tanks! I'll keep an eye out on your Blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, yeah I had one come out of the box a bit warped the other day, or perhaps mis-molded. Took ages to get it right, lots of little bends and some glue.

Good save! I wish I'd gotten the brass etch as well, adds that little bit extra to your vehicles. The only thing I got for them was the icon kit and the LR doors.

Ben said...

Think I'm going to buck the trend and say I don't care for that FW turret. The Brass plate is boss though. Question: Is it actual brass?

lars4life said...

Ben, more than likely it is brass.

The way I understand it, the two most common materials for the chemical etching are brass and nickel-silver.

The leadhead and I were talking about making our own brass etchings at one point, but its involved. I wouldn't doubt he will try it anyway, hes just like that.

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