Monday, April 25, 2011

Painting: Retribution Update

I have the last (no really I swear it) pic of Rahn all painted. Also are some W.I.P pics of Kaelyssa and a Soulless escort.

I also have the base colors on 4 Myrmidons so I just need to start washing, drybrushing, and highlighting.  At the pace I'm going I should have at least 1 or 2 ready by this Thursday.

Anyway on the pics.

I am excited with how Kaelyssa is coming along. I have learned a lot with my successes and failures painting up Adeptis Rahn. She is a much busier miniature and leaves me more things to paint, which I am grateful for. There is very little shading and highlighting in these pics so bare with me.

I love that the cape is riddled with bullet holes and ripped up looking. It will be fun painting it up to bring out the worn in feel of it.

The Soulless has highlighting and shading and its almost done. I intend to give him the trooper treatment and not spend anywhere near the time the Warcasters and Solos will get.

Last but not least Rahn, done. Like done done, sealed, and I'm sick of painting it.  It doesn't show well in the pictures but I added quite a bit more shading to make the armor plates stand out form each other. The gemstone / nodes really shine now and I am glad for it. This model will always hold a special place for me as the gateway for me expanding my painting abilities.

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DarkLegacy said...

What are you using for your bases?

lars4life said...

Dark age Groundwerks bases
The style is Ice Flat

I painted them up to look like cracked slate rock

Grass is Army Painter Swamp Tuft

Ivy is Army Painter Poison Ivy

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