Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Road to Adepticon: 2012

Its getting close to that time of year again. My good friend theleadhead and I will be heading to Chicago for Adepticon 2012. This year I am not signed up for any events or classes so I will be able to spend more time blogging about all the goings on. I do plan on being at the Iron Arena a lot so if you want to get in sme games hit me up here or on twitter.

I'm gonna bring my laptop with me this year and actually put up some posts of the eventx while I am there instead of waiting to get home and put up something prettier. I will still do the roundup, but I think it will be more interesting to see stuff on the fly. I think between here google+ and twitter I should have a lot of stuff up at any time.

If you guys would like something specific covered that you didnt get any info on last year or just didnt think got any love, Let me know.

I am funderhammer on twitter and Blake Everhart on Google plus if you want to follow me there as well.


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